Flymo EasiGlide 330VX

Flymo EasiGlide 330VX electric lawnmower

Flymo EasiGlide 330VX electric lawnmower

PRO‘s: Lightweight ….

CON‘s: Struggles with uneven surfaces and collection of cuttings

VERDICT: Suitable only for bowling greens


TODAYS BEST PRICE: £103.98 from Amazon

We have to admit to being totally puzzled by the Flymo EasiGlide 330VX.  Why ?  Because it’s virtually the same design as the Flymo Glider 330, has almost the same power electric motor and offers the same cutting width.  Oh, and it suffers from all the same problems.  What were Flymo thinking ?

Line the Flymo Glider 330 up next to the Flymo EasiGlide 330VX and, apart from a few minor styling differences, they are pretty much identical.  The only real differences are that the Flymo EasiGlide 330VX has a 1400 Watt electric motor compared to the 1450 Watt of the Flymo Glider 330 and that the grass box is 6 litres smaller.  Oh, and the minimum and maximum cutting heights are 2 mm lower.

With a 33 cm (13 inch) cutting width and a 1400 Watt motor the Flymo EasiGlide 330VX is a hover mower designed for small to medium sized gardens.  We were disappointed with the performance of the Flymo Glider 330 so is the Flymo EasiGlide 330VX any better ?

Sadly NO, it suffers from EXACTLY the same problems.

If you’re fortunate enough to own a lawn that is perfectly flat with no paving slabs in it and no edges then you might like this lawn mower.  If your lawn is less than perfectly flat or it contains paving slabs or has edges then you’ll wish that you’d bought something else.

Why ?  Because Flymo are asking the Flymo EasiGlide 330VX to do the impossible.  On one hand it’s trying to ride on a cushion of air which is sucked in through the grass box and pushed out through the bottom of the mower – flattening the very grass that it’s trying to cut !

And at the same time it’s trying to use the air that’s sucked in through the grass box to pick up the cuttings from the rear right hand side of the mower but most of them are thrown out of the front and sides of the mower as the air cushion that supports it escapes.

To make matters worse, as soon as the grass box starts to fill, the airflow through it is reduced, the suction drops off so the mower hovers lower to the ground and it picks up less cuttings.

That’s frustrating enough but as soon as the edge of the mower goes over the edge of the lawn, patio or even over a large enough dip in the lawn, the air that’s keeping it up leaks out and it stops hovering completely.

This problem only afflicts Flymo’s grass-collecting hover mowers – we love their four wheeled rotary mowers like the Flymo Easimo and the Flymo Chevron 34VC because the wheels hold up the mower and the blade cuts the grass and sucks it into the grass box.  The Flymo Turbo Lite 330 doesn’t even attempt to collect the grass cuttings and that’s fine – it’s not meant to so we can forgive it.

All of this is a real shame because the design of Flymo’s hover mowers is actually rather good and the styling is fresh and modern.  Weighing in at a fraction under 9 kg the Flymo EasiGlide 330VX is certainly lightweight and is easy to carry to where you need to use it.

For storage, the handle folds and it can be stored standing up against a wall to reduce the space that it takes up.  The 12 metres power cable could longer but it does store on the handle for neatness.

The transparent grassbox is useful as it allows you to see how full it is and, at 20 litres in size, it should be able to hold a fair amount of cuttings.

Aspects that we didn’t like include the fiddly height adjustment system – you need to remove the blade and add or remove plastic spacers – and the handle has very limited vertical adjustment so if you’re over 5 ft 11 inches then you’ll have to stoop to use the Flymo EasiGlide 330VX.

Overall we just can’t recommend the Flymo EasiGlide 330VX unless you have a perfectly flat lawn, aren’t bothered about cutting up to the edges and don’t mind brushing grass cuttings off everything in your garden including paths, patio, pots and flower beds.

If you must buy a Flymo then avoid disappointment and buy one of their excellent wheeled rotary mowers such as the Flymo Easimo.

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