Lawncare Calendar: May

As May arrives it usually brings slightly warmer temperatures than April together with longer days and more rain (in Wales at least !). As a result, your lawn will really start to grow with renewed vigour which means that you’ll need to lower the cutting height of your mower to keep it under control but don’t lower it too far, too fast as the beginning of May can bring occasional frosts and we don’t want the lawn to get frost damage.

The first half of the month is a really good time to rake out any dead grass, moss or thatch that still remains. For small gardens it’s perfectly possible to do this by hand but for medium to large gardens you’ll almost certainly lose the will to live ! Either way you’ll either need to hire or buy a lawn raker to get the job done.

From the middle of the month onwards, it’s a good idea to apply weed killers to any small areas that need treating. For larger areas of weeds, a combined weed and feed product is more effective. If the lawn wasn’t fed in April then feeding it in May is always a good idea as it will provide the lawn with the nutrients that it needs to support the vigorous growth usually seen in May.

If there are any bald spots in the lawn where it’s suffered wear and tear over the winter, scatter some sieved soil and grass seed mixed together on any spots and water well. Cover to ensure that the birds don’t eat the seed and avoid mowing these areas until the grass is well established.

Finally, for that just-so look tidy the edges of your lawn using an edging spade. To ensure a nice straight edge use two sticks with a taut string between them as a guide. Once you’ve defined the edges of the lawn then you can keep them tidy with a grass trimmer.

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