Lawncare Calendar: March

Here in the United Kingdom, March is probably the first month that you’ll be able to get into the garden in order to give it the first trim of the season so this is installment of our lawncare calendar is longer than previous months.

Start by removing any debris from the surface of the lawn and, if there is enough growth in the first half of the month, then cut the grass with your lawn mower set to high so that it simply takes the top off the grass shoots.  If you cut too low you may end up with a lawn that’s more brown or yellow than green.

If you have a cylinder mower this will have the added benefit of giving the lawn a light roll which will help to promote growth.  If you don’t have a cylinder mower than a garden roller can be used.

If moss is a problem then March is the earliest that you can realistically start to tackle it.  Wait for the weather to warm up and for signs of growth to appear and then rake any debris out of it as this will help to remove any moss or thatch from around the roots which reduces air flow and stops the lawn from drying out.

If your lawn is too large to rake consider getting a lawn raker.  These are surprisingly inexpensive to buy with prices starting at around £75.  An alternative to buying is to hire one but if you have lots of moss and need to remove it over several months it’s often cheaper to buy than to hire.

If the weather is mild enough in the second half of the month then you may squeeze a second cut in as well but resist cutting too low once again.  If you need to just lower the cutting height by one notch.

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