Lawncare Calendar: June

It may be necessary to mow the lawn twice a week if there’s enough warmth and rain. To try and prevent any lateral growth you may want to try lightly raking or even brushing the lawn before mowing.

If June is dry you’ll need to water the lawn in order to encourage the roots to grow but take into account any hosepipe restrictions that may apply in your area. For best results lightly spike the lawn beforehand to allow the water to penetrate into the soil so that it gets down to the roots. To reduce the chance of evaporation water the lawn either in the morning or the evening.

Hopefully you’ll have got on top of any weed growth but if you haven’t a weed and feed type treatment should do the trick otherwise a feed with a nitrogen based lawn feed will help to produce a lush green colour and will boost growth too.

Any patches can still be overseeded but you’ll need to ensure that they are adequately watered – more so than you would in the spring or autumn. Don’t be put off though – a sprinkler with a wide pattern is best or for smaller patches, use a good quality rose on your watering can.

Continue to keep the edges neat with a grass trimmer.

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