Lawncare Calendar: January

January is a time to stay off the lawn and do very little, if anything to it.  The only job on the lawncare calendar this month is to remove any leaves that may be on the grass.

Try to avoid doing this if the lawn is waterlogged or frozen though as you’ll risk damaging the lawn.

If you get a chance then it may be worth aerating the lawn either with a fork if it’s a small lawn or with an aerating tool.

And if worm casts are a problem then you’ll want to remove those using a stiff broom but wait until the casts are dry to avoid leaving smears all over your lawn.

If you’re really stuck for jobs then consider getting your lawn mower out of the shed and checking that it works so that it’s ready to go when the growing season starts.  We’ve written a handy guide to servicing your electric lawn mower.  Should you have a petrol lawnmower then you’ll want to check out our guide to servicing your petrol lawnmower.

That’s it for January.  Feburary is another quiet month on the lawncare calendar before the grass starts to grow properly in March.

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